“One young Nashville singer is taking a big step toward distinguishing herself in the enormous pool of talent living and making music there. Ali Sperry, a modest young singer/songwriter with a personality that comes over with sweet earnestness in such a competitive world, has an ambition. That goal is to reach listeners by creating lyrics and melodies, with effective production values, that will resonate with listeners in powerful but varied ways. She succeeds in her newly released second album, “Crooked Feelings.” ”--Ron Wray, No Depression

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"So, with all that in mind, as the presence of 70s jangle amongst the would-be modern singer-songwriter grows more and more prevalent, Nashville’s Ali Sperry has chosen to go the way of the Collins, Guthrie, and Denny. Rather than join the jangle-fray, Sperry chose instead to revisit that lost age of genre-medling magnificence on her upcoming LP Crooked Feelings. Its airy and open, but not so nebulous that Sperry’s musical and lyrical intentions become indeterminate and lazily referred to as “singer-songwriter” fodder."--Sean McHugh, Lockeland Springsteen

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"Ms. Sperry's vocals take the center stage throughout, with a warm Karen Carpenter-esquepurity. Its familiar and inviting."--Beverly Napalm, The Noise

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