Well HI there!

We are back from tour and so very happy and thankful for the sweet, sweet times out there. I had a feeling that touring with the Danberrys was gonna be a ball, but the music and hangs and laughs all exceeded expectations.

A gargantuan THANK YOU to every person who came to these shows, who cheered us on, who bought some music, who hosted, fed, hugged and encouraged us on our way. So so very grateful for all of it.

photo courtesy of Whitener Photographic Arts

photo courtesy of Whitener Photographic Arts

Next up: playing a few local shows and getting ready to RECORD MY NEXT FULL LENGTH ALBUM! That's right. The wheels are in motion, we have two songs in the can, as they say, and are preparing to record eight more. I have about 16 songs that are contenders right now and am planning on writing like a maniac until we're in the studio--and maybe not even stopping then. Just want to make it as strong and true and beautiful as it can possibly be. Luckily, two of my favorites to make music with--Jon Estes and Jamie Dick, have signed on to produce the project, so I know I am in very capable and creative hands.

Also planning more touring for late summer/early fall. As always, if you have venue recommendations or would like to host a show in your home, please get in touch through the contact page.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for supporting independent music!





"Last September, we introduced you to folk songstress Ali Sperry and her hauntingly sweet track, “Always Been.” Today, we’re excited to exclusively share with you her brand new video for “Holding You,” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

In the clip, Sperry is seen elegantly performing the romantic track while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Nashville’s own Bicentennial Park. Filled with charm and her signature vintage-inspired style, the video is the perfect companion to one of Sperry’s most heartfelt and anthemic tunes. With just one listen, you’re guaranteed to be engulfed in the feeling of hope and happiness that acts as the song’s core."

-Lorie Liebig, No Country for New Nashville

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Ali Sperry: Storybook