That's a WRAP! We've finished recording and 10 new songs are "in the can" as they say. What a week! With two tracks completed previously, we did the last eight right here at home in the pink house. Produced by Jon Estes and Jamie Dick, Jon converted our home into a recording studio and it was spectacular to have seven consecutive days with the sole focus of making these songs into their best and most fully-realized selves. The album is complete and it's beyond my wildest dreams. It's been a while in the making--since my last EP came out, I've committed to growing as a songwriter in a new way. I started writing and co-writing with friends around town and came up with a batch of over 30 songs. Jon and Jamie and I sat down with about 20 of them over the last couple months and together selected the ones that worked best as an album. The two of them played on everything and were the masterminds behind the arrangements. The album also features the writing, playing and singing of some of my favorite musicians: Kristin Weber, Robby Hecht, Joe Pisapia, Ben and Dorothy of The Danberrys, Lauren Shera, Jill Andrews, Jen Gunderman, Audley Freed, Heather Bond, Mary Bragg, Molly Martin, and Cy and Vanessa of Tattletale Saints. I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped make these songs become what they now are!

Now in the midst of mastering, sequencing, designing and planning for the release. Stay tuned for details!

Looking forward playing a house show on August 27 in Jackson, Mississippi with my dear friend Molly Martin. If you're in the area and would like more details, please reach out via the contact page.

Will also be sharing a show with Moon & 42 here in Nashville at the Basement on Sept 30th. Come on out to hear some of the new tunes!

I had the great pleasure of making my solo debut at The Bluebird Cafe this summer, in the round with writers and friends whom I adore: Robby Hecht, Kai Welch and Andrew Combs. We had such a warm (and quiet!) audience, lots of spontaneous collaboration going on, and many corny jokes between songs. All in all, a night I won't forget.

Booking more shows for late summer/early fall and into next year. As always, if you have venue recommendations or would like to host a show in your home, please get in touch!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for supporting independent music!





"Last September, we introduced you to folk songstress Ali Sperry and her hauntingly sweet track, “Always Been.” Today, we’re excited to exclusively share with you her brand new video for “Holding You,” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

In the clip, Sperry is seen elegantly performing the romantic track while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Nashville’s own Bicentennial Park. Filled with charm and her signature vintage-inspired style, the video is the perfect companion to one of Sperry’s most heartfelt and anthemic tunes. With just one listen, you’re guaranteed to be engulfed in the feeling of hope and happiness that acts as the song’s core."

-Lorie Liebig, No Country for New Nashville

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Ali Sperry: Storybook