Greetings fair people of the world! Thanks for paying a visit...

It's been a sweet season of lots of practicing and writing and planning lately and I am very much looking forward to some big time summer adventures. July and September look like they will be bringing some more solo Spare-Ribs tours, hitting some of my favorite destinations in the Northeast and Southeast and Midwest, and adding some new stops along the way. Tour dates are being finalized so please keep checking back on the shows page as things progress.

But first up...TOMORROW NIGHT...special Mother's Day show at The Basement with new friends and old friends: Lauren Shera, The Tall Pines, Kristin Weber and Wes L'Anglois and myself. I'll be playing a semi-solo semi small band set. $5 gets you a full night of entertainment!

Next up...playing The Mint in LA on June 2nd! So all you LA peeps, let's hang out! Will also be filming a video for Always Been in LA with my beloved and talented Ben Estey. Ben is the one responsible for the gorgeous drawings on the Storybook album cover and insert and I am excited to collaborate with him in another medium. Also have video plans in the works for That Kind of Night, The Watcher, and Holding You. Stay tuned for video releases this summer!

As always, if you'd like to host a house concert or have a suggestion of a venue to play in your area, please don't hesitate to say "hey" on the contact page.

Thanks for being the music-lover that you are,


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