Crooked Feelings...Coming February 24, 2017

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Produced by Jon Estes and Jamie Dick (with "Highest Hill" produced by Joe Pisapia), coming Feb 24, 2017

A note from Ali about recording Crooked Feelings...

Jon converted our home into a recording studio and it was spectacular to have seven consecutive days with the sole focus of making these songs into their best and most fully-realized selves. It's been a while in the making--since my last EP came out, I've committed to growing as a songwriter in a new way. I started writing and co-writing with friends around town and came up with a batch of over 30 songs. Jon and Jamie and I sat down with about 20 in the months leading up to the sessions and together selected the ones that worked best as an album. Jon and Jamie played on everything and were the masterminds behind the arrangements, along with Kristin Weber who's string arrangements are heavily featured throughout. The album also features the writing, playing and singing of some of my favorite musicians: Carey Ott, Robby Hecht, Joe Pisapia, Ben and Dorothy of The Danberrys, Lauren Shera, Jill Andrews, Jen Gunderman, Audley Freed, Heather Bond, Mary Bragg, Molly Martin, and Cy and Vanessa of Tattletale Saints. Thank you to everyone who's been involved!