They're heeeeeere! Picked up a fresh box of CDs this week, hot off the press. Can't wait to celebrate the release of this puppy on Saturday Feb 21st at the 5 Spot. This is how psyched I was to pick up the CDs this week...

So very excited to be sharing the night with songstresses Lauren Shera and Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles! I smell a ladies night (gents warmly welcomed too of course!).

Next up, reuniting with Tattletale Saints for some more midwest lovin'. Looking forward to be revisiting some of our stops form the last tour together and covering some new ground as well. Stop by the Shows page for deets on that!

2015 is off to a beautiful beginning and I'm looking forward to throwing my arms around a year abundant with writing and touring. Many adventures ahead. Thanks for coming along on the ride!

Love and peace,



the men behind the music (above)

and the ladies of Love Runs Deep (below)



To purchase the CD click the link above. To download the album now, click below...

Ali Sperry: Storybook