The cast of the Coast music video shoot

The cast of the Coast music video shoot

Greetings from Ohio!

We just had night numero uno in our one-week escapade across the midwest and, as they say, well-begun is half done. A couple highlights from the night were noticing bats swooping over the pool as we played, and the very sweet couple dancing to "Holding You".

Next up, my favorite town in the world, Fairfield, IA. Not only will we be playing on Wednesday the 13th (yes, it is indeed my birthday!) at Phoenix Rising Hall, but we'll also be playing a house show on Tuesday which will be broadcast live on Concert Window. You can buy tickets ahead of time--pay what you'd like--right here and tune in in the comfort of your own home. 

We had an unforgettable time last week filming my first ever music video! The video is for the song Coast, one of the new tunes of my EP Comes and Goes, which is available to stream or download right now, right HERE!!! 

So happy to be out on the road with Tattletale Saints. They are hilarious, smart and wildly talented. Some of the best people to hang with and play music with. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend checking out their recent Mountain Stage performance

Lastly, I am very happy and excited (and okay, maybe just slightly nervous) to announce that next month I'll be hitting the dusty trail on tour ALL BY MYSELF. Something that I have never done before, but feel it is time, now that I am turning 31 years old, to go have a solo musical adventure. I plan to hit cities in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio and Kentucky. If you are in or around those states and would like to host a house show or have a venue recommendation, please get in touch!!

Thanks so much for reading!

Happy Summertime. Love, Ali


ps. my beloved companion in all things, Kristin Weber (known to many as "Doc") has a fabulous new website up and running. Check it out HERE


the men behind the music (above)

and the ladies of Love Runs Deep (below)



To purchase the CD click the link above. To download the album now, click below...

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