DAY 1 in the Studio!!!!

by Ali Sperry

Today we set sail for adventures unknown, right here from the comfort of our own home. Yes, today was the first of seven consecutive days in the studio to record the bulk of my upcoming album. We started with two tracks already completed--one was recorded last summer with Joe Pisapia and the other, Over their Bones, was recorded earlier this year at Jon Estes' home studio. Those two together felt like a fit somehow and provided the cornerstone for the direction of this new project.

So this week we are aiming to record 8 more songs. Under the loving and creative guidance of co-producers Jamie Dick and Jon Estes, at the end of day one it is safe to say we are off to a very solid start. Yes, it is true that for reasons unknown our quiet little street in "Little Hollywood" East Nashville had more construction going on today than ever before due to a burst water main, which also resulted in the water being shut off in the house/studio, but that didn't stop us from making music. We had special guests The Danberrys in with us this afternoon to add harmony vocals, guitar and tambourine. And for the first time in my recording history, I am actually playing acoustic guitar on a track!

Can't wait to share these new songs with you guys. We have lots more tricks up our sleeves and by the time this week is through, I have no doubt that we will have a record that we all feel truly proud of and enthused about.