First time on vinyl...

by Ali Sperry

Today was a good day. Got to hear my music on vinyl for the first time ever! This was a huge deal, as playing records on the turntable is a daily occurrence in our house (we even have a turntable in the bathroom, I kid you not) and something that has come to mean a great deal to me. In an era where we are all constantly on the go and often distractedly catching snippets of music here and there--the car radio, the dentist's office, the internet--the ritual of picking out a record, sliding it out of it's case and carefully setting the needle down, it brings back that special magic of intentionally listening to and appreciating music. So much care and thought and work goes into creating all of these albums we treasure, it feels right to put more care into the listening part. 

When we started working on this record I realized how important it was to me to order vinyl, even though I knew it would require a significant portion of the budget. It's what I listen to most and what I love to listen to. None of us can predict the future, and though I have big plans to live a long, full life that includes making many, many more records, I can't say with complete certainty that things will play out the way I intend. But in this moment, in this particular chapter of my life, I have made an album with people that I love, comprised of music that I am moved by and proud of, and now it is captured on vinyl. A literal "record" of this time in my life. I am grateful.