New beginnings

by Ali Sperry

I love the month of January. I love the rush of energy that a new year brings, an opportunity for a fresh start. There's always an excitement about it for me--knowing that the year ahead will bring all sorts of things that I can't even conceive of yet, and all sorts of things that I can conceive of and have the power to create myself. I have always loved new years resolutions. Even when I was young, there were several years in a row where i made it a habit to write 100 desires and goals for the coming year. I'm a little less extreme these days, but it still does help me to bring into focus where I am now and where I hope to be by this time next year. 

2014 was a very good one. I got to tour in the Midwest, Northeast and Colorado, as well as some very fun Nashville shows and an LA show. I did my first solo tour and proved to myself that I am capable of doing that and having an excellent time doing so. I digitally released "Comes and Goes" and released my first ver music video! I wrote some new songs and wrote with some new people. And in general, I had an enormous amount of FUN. 

So what's up this year? One of my main goals is to write more than I ever have in my life and by this time next year I plan to be going into the studio to record my second full length record. I'd like to have about 30 songs to choose from by next January so that I can truly pick songs that fit together and have something to say as a cohesive album. 

Second, I plan to tour more than ever this year too. Solo, with a band, with a friend, venues, festivals, house shows, you name it. I am hungry to just be out there in the musical wilderness! I know there might come a time in my life where I'm not as eager to tour, so I want to seize this desire and run with it while it is strong. 

My third major musical goal of 2015 is to get songs placed in Movies or TV shows. I really believe in some of the songs I have recorded being a good fit with the film/tv world and that is something I plan on pursuing wholeheartedly. 

And then of course there's the daily stuff like continue to get better at guitar, be more disciplined with my yoga practice, be beter at keeping in touch with friends/family far away, take dance classes, and the list goes on. 

So, i'll keep you posted on how it goes. Especially the writing part because that is something that i really need to hold myself accountable for and I could use your help and support on that!

Peace and love,