Solo Tour Day 20!

by Ali Sperry

Whaaaaaat?! LAST SHOW?! How can it possibly be??! But, it is. And here I am, having a final moment of solitude at the Hilton hotel that is just a short walk away from the venue I'll be playing my last show of this tour tonight. I feel so happy right now. These three weeks have been everything I hoped they would be. It's been exciting, challenging, fun, full of surprises, empowering and liberating. There have been lows (crying on the phone to my mom while I soaked in a baking-soda bath to try to relieve cat-allergy-induced hives all over my weary bod) and many many highs (all the friends I've reconnected with, feeling more confident with every show, nights of music and laughter, beautiful, scenic drives), and even the harder times just made me feel more capable of getting through shit and knowing I can handle it. 

Had a fantastic and very festive night on Thursday night with Rebekah Jean and the kind folks who hosted us. It was such an enthusiastic bunch of music and dance lovers. There was a serious drum circle/jam/dance party that ensued immediately after we stopped playing. Then a couple total chill days in Middletown with John and Paula which felt deeply relaxing and nourishing. And then played last night in the gorgeous, historic home of Kate, Amy, Chris and Alex in Cincinnati. A truly wonderful audience and beautiful night.

Which brings me up to today. I better get ready!

Thank you to everyone who let me stay with them, who fed me, who hosted a show, who bought a CD or a ticket and listened to my music, who said they were proud of me or who said that a song touched them in some way. I am grateful to the very core. This has honestly been a time of my life that I shall not forget!