Solo Tour Day 15!

by Ali Sperry

All is well here in my little world as I sit in a coffee shop in Ithaca with an almond-milk latte, catching up on life on the www. This tour is over half-way done and I'm feeling a wave of peace as I'm comin down the homestretch. Still have approximately 890 miles to drive and 4 (or possibly 5--the Dayton show is questionable at the moment) shows, so don't get me wrong, the fun is far from over. But I just have a sense of "I got this" at this point and there's nothing coming up that I feel nervous or worried about. Gonna enjoy this wild solo ride and milk it for all the memories, joy, insight, discoveries and growth I can. 

Had a super fun time in Goshen with the Sperry-Fromms. Was very grateful to connect with Grandmama Gladys (who told me maybe I'm old enough now to just call her Gladys, but I told her nope, she'll always be my grandmama). She's a pretty remarkable lady who has traveled all over the world playing cello, is a horseback-rider and a carpenter and even built her own house. Also so good to be with Marc and Beth and Leni. Aunt Beth and I had an epic wine-drinking catch up session the night before I left. Aunts are the best!

Yesterday was the prettiest drive yet of this tour--from Western Mass, through the Berkshires to Syracuse and then Ithaca. Sooooo pretty out here with the big hills and wind-y roads and the leaves are already turning colors I discovered that almond butter on ricecakes should really be removed from the "cleared" list of solo tour snacks--much too messy to consume while operating a moving vehicle! Was also grateful to chat with my mom, my dad, Doc and Jamie on the drive yesterday. After two weeks of traveling solo, I really haven't felt lonely. Feeling the love and company of the sweet peeps in my life everywhere I go. 

Was also a blast from the past to stop and have lunch and a wander around Syracuse yesterday, my alma mater. Haven't been back there in about ten years and just walking down Marshall street stirred up a flood of memories. Funny how a place you haven't been in so long can be that deeply familiar. 

Had a beautiful dinner and catch-up with my friend Michelle here in Ithaca last night. Today's been a completely leisurely day of laundry, a run, a sunbathing/lazy-yoga session on Michelle's gorgeous porch, and now coffee-shop hang. Maybe I'll get my tush to one of the waterfalls around here this afternoon. 

Sending love out to you all! Thank you for all of the encouragement and support on this journey!