Solo Tour Day 14!

by Ali Sperry

Whew, been a hot minute since my last blog post--think I've been having a little too much fun to slow down and write about it. Currently in Goshen, MA polishing off a scrumptious cup of home-roasted coffee with fresh cream while Aunt Beth is making breakfast that features eggs from their chickens and ducks. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. So nice. 

The past several days have been a beautiful whirlwind. New York was of course crazy and incredible amounts of fun, as I suspected it might be. Was so deeply satisfying to catch up with my peeps there. Walking in Central Park, yoga, a killer pot-luck, slumber parties (in fact, I slept in a different location all of the 5 nights I was there!), fun dinners and brunches, seeing Jamie play at BAM, and a super fun show at Rockwood Music Hall were just a few of the highlights. That show really was special. It was so good to be reunited with Heather and Kai after not seeing those two all summer. We had a quick rehearsal before the show on Friday afternoon and it was a joy to get to all participate on each other's songs. My beloved girlfriend Aimee also joined us and harmonized on Love Runs Deep and Holding You, which was a total treat. Lots of good friends came out and made us feel very supported, and a beautiful night ensued!

The next day we had a delicious final brunch with Rebecca and Gabe and then went on our merry way to Katonah--with Heather at the wheel and Kai and I sharing the passenger seat in my Rabbit that was jam packed with gear. Lake Katonah Club House proved once again to provide an exquisite setting for a show and the sweetest group of music-loving folks who are down to have a good time. We did it "in-the-round" style to bring a little bit of Nashville to Katonah, and again it felt really exciting to play and sing together.

The next show was at Aunt Beth and Uncle Marc's in Goshen--the third in a row of super fun and lovely shows. I was very fortunate to have Uncle Marc sit in with me, who is a very highly talented guitar player. And I was also thrilled to have my Grandmama Gladys present in the audience. She is very supportive of my musical adventures, and also I think a little nervous about this whole solo-tour business, in a very sweet and grandmotherly way. 

So today I head to Ithaca! I'll keep you posted. More fun to come!