Solo Tour Day 8!

by Ali Sperry

Hiiiiiiii! Greetings from New York! Oh, it feels so good to be here and be feeling better and be hive-free!! RELIEF! Yeah, it was a challenging couple of days there in DC, but I've bounced back now and am so thankful. This time in New York is feeling a bit like a mini-vacation in the middle of the tour. Some of my closest peeps in the world live in this city and I'm so happy to have a few days to chill and hang with everybody. The past two times I've been in this city it's been to play a show, so pretty much in town the day before the show and leaving the day after. So this time I wanted to have some days to take it all in and reconnect with my beloved college buddies and other friends who live here.

Got in on Monday evening and met up with my whole Syracuse, etc gang at a delicious restaurant in Hell's Kitchen that my buddies Nick and Jeremy both work at. Jamie's been here since Saturday rehearsing for his gig here on Thursday night. He was able to meet up with us for dinner after his rehearsal--so many people I love in one place. It was a lovely night.

Yesterday was very relaxing. Went to a yoga class with Caitlin, we walked to Aimee's after where we enjoyed some nachos and girltalk. Very sweet, chill afternoon. And then made the big subway voyage from Queens to Brooklyn to join Jamie and our Brooklyn buddies for dinner. 

So, not too much excitement to report here. Trying to keep taking very good care of myself to be at my healthiest by the time Friday rolls around and I gotta get back on the horse! Really looking forward to the show at Rockwood with Heather and Kai. I have a hunch it's gonna be a mighty special one!