Solo Tour Day 5!

by Ali Sperry

Woweeeee, folks, has it ever been an interesting last couple of days here on the Sperry solo mission. So, as some of you know I left for this tour last week having been a little under the weather--not ideal health circumstances for departing on a tour, but what can ya do. I've been taking extra good care of myself along the way--drinking lots of water, very little coffee or booze, sleeping a lot, eating well, etc, doing all the good things. So, on Friday night my buddies at the Mystery Brewing Co. where I played were so kind as to put me up for the night. I'd stayed with them the last time we played there and remembered that they have a cat (I've always been allergic) and that I had a little reaction to it, but nothing major. Well this time around was a different story. The only thing I can guess is that since my immune system was already down and I was fighting something, all of a sudden I was having an intense reaction to the cat. Instead of sneezing and getting itchy eyes like I usually do, this time it was wheezing and chest constriction. This on top of the cough I already had going was highly uncomfortable. Luckily, I texted Jamie and he called me immediately and calmed me down, encouraging me to meditate and try to fall asleep. I found that if I propped myself up on pillows and put my arms over my head it seemed to open up my chest and make breathing easier, and finally I got calm and comfortable enough to get some shuteye. In the midst of all this I noticed an itching sensation on my calves, but chose to ignore it cause I was occupied with other things--like breathing. 

In the morning I felt fine, just tired because I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. My calves were still itchy and I noticed there were red bumps on them, but again I chose the path of ignoring, hoping that whatever was going on would just stop. 

The drive from Hillsborough to DC was the first drive of this tour so far where I really didn't feel like driving. I guess you're gonna have that when you're covering this amount of miles with only one driver. Luckily, with the help of listening to many Ted talks, I powered through and got to my next destination. The calf itching seemed to be getting worse though and by the time I pulled into a parking spot in front of Dan and Emily's, I was itching severely all the way up my legs. 

So, turns out the itching was hives. Have you ever had hives before? It's crazy. I had never had them before. I thought hives were when my chest gets a little splotchy sometimes when I drink wine (don't know what that is but it's something entirely different). But actually it's this weird bumpy rash that comes on so fast and can "crawl" up your body. It went from my calves, up my legs, my butt, a little bit on my arms, face and ears. Gross! Thank God for my mom, who was the one to help me pull myself together and take some Benadryl. Once I did the itching subsided and I slept a deep, long, medicated sleep. 

Today I pretty much slept and rested and drank tea and chicken broth. Very exciting day. The rash was still present but so much better. Eventually, Dan and Emily came home (they had been out camping for the weekend) and it made me feel very cheered to catch up with them tonight. They are wonderful people and it was really good to see them. 

And that brings us up to date. So, thank you for indulging me in this slight sob story. I was worried about blogging today cause I thought it might end up just being a big complain-fest, which was definitely not my intention. Just felt like sharing all this cause it's really what is happening. I think on some level, this is kinda what i signed up for with this tour. I knew it would be hard sometimes and I knew it would be a growing experience and that is what I wanted. Can't say I'm exactly sure at this moment what it is I learned or will learn from this particular episode, but I do know that going through something like this pretty much on my own does make me feel stronger in a way. 

But that said, I'm hoping it's a little smoother-sailing from here on out. Here's to waking up rash and cough-free tomorrow!

And lastly, thank you so much to everyone who's been sending love my way over the past few days. I feel it and I appreciate it deeply. Sending it right back to you!