Solo Tour Day 3!

by Ali Sperry

Hiiiii! 3 days deep and I'm surviving and thriving! Last night's show at Native Kitchen and Social Pub in Swannanoa was a fun one, made especially so by the presence and rollicking applause of dear friends in the audience. And I felt like a very lucky girl indeed because my buddy Rayna hopped in and fiddled on three songs with me and Kellin sang on one with me. Score! So fun! I am growing to feel more comfortable making music alone, and even like it, but a special magic happens when it is done in groups. 

Here's a pic Kellin snapped during the show... (it is rather ghostly!)


And tonight it was wonderful to be reunited with the fine folks at the Mystery Brewing Pub in Hillsborough, NC. We had a phenomenal time here last year and they did not fail to deliver again this year. Musician friends--play here! It's on the way to many places and you meet sweet people and drink delicious beer. I highly recommend it. And even though it's a pub, people were dead silent while I was singing, I was kind of shocked. And I had super yummy BBQ from the joint next door. YUM!

And now I have 6 days before my next show. Wowzas. I've been a little under the weather (brilliant timing on that) so I'm looking forward to getting my voice and my bod back to 110% in the next few days. I also plan on catching up with friends, exploring DC and then NYC, having a photoshoot with my friend Paul (who did the Storybook album photoshoot--he's good!) and seeing my sweeter play a show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday. And maybe some writing and some busking in the mix as well.

So I leave you with that. Goodnight fair people and thank you for staying in touch. It is very comforting to feel so much love and support on this journey