Solo Tour Day 1!

by Ali Sperry

Okay, not so much daytime anymore, so let's say "Night 1", as it's 2:10am and I am about to sleeeeeep hard. So happy to be in this cozy bed right now. 

So, it's happening! It has begun. The first show was at "Boyd's Jig and Reel" in Knoxville. Never been to that venue before tonight but it's been highly recommended and I really loved it. Would definitely like to play there again. Very fun, festive pub-by atmosphere with instruments all over the place to encourage jamming. Had an oh-so-satisfying chicken pot pie between sets and scrumptious hot toddie (which I guzzled on stage between songs, as it felt very soothing on the throat!). The crowd may not have been huge, but all were very sweet and attentive and warm. It was the perfect intimate, comfortable start to ease in to this tour. I think the songs I had the most fun on tonight were, somewhat surprisingly, "Fall for You Again" and "That Kind of Night". Also, covering "You Really Got a Hold On Me" never fails to perk people up in the audience that may have been drifting away. That is such a dang good song. 


The drive to Knoxville was easy and pleasant. I had a few tears when saying goodbye to Jamie (I will miss that man) and at the start of the journey. Not sad tears so much as just feeling the emotional weight of entering into uncharted territory and opening myself up to an experience that I know will change me in some way. I'm really into that thought lately--encouraging myself to get into uncomfortable situations more often than not. Not bad or dangerous situations, ones that feel like the emotional/spiritual equivalent of a shot of wheatgrass juice (or ginger shot, whatever you're into), ones that you know deep down are good for you but that are unfamiliar and hence scary. And it's magical in a way when you have that feeling "i need to do this to grow" and you don't know why you need it or how exactly you're going to grow until it's all done. 

Anyway, blah blah blah, rambling on here. Last thing I'd like to add is that my best packing move so far was to pack my PJs and slippers in the outermost pocket of my suitcase so that they were  readily available when the time was right. Was very pleased with myself when I remembered where they were tonight, I'll admit.

Okay, off to beddy bye. Very happy and tired.