Musings on music...

by Ali Sperry

Was just thinking today about something that I've talked to musician friends about before (that probably applies to any type of artist, but I have less direct experience with that), which is that there can be a moment--or many moments--while pursuing your passion in this realm that a certain doubt creeps in which asks, "is this actually self indulgent?". The idea that we have a knack for something that we set forth to make a living out of and then we desire people to pay money to watch us stand in front of them and do this thing and then they applaud. Every once in a while, it can feel a little silly. Or it can give me flashbacks to being a child and performing in a talent show or something and how good it feels as a child to get that applause and praise and encouragement. 

BUT the thing that snaps me out of that doubt whenever it arises for me is this simple fact: I love music. I love to listen to music. I love to create and play and perform music. And I especially love to create/play/perform music with people I love. That is just a whole 'nother level. Going to see live music can be entertainment--which has plenty of value and importance in itself--but it can also be profound. It alters you. And sometimes in an extremely positive, powerful way. I can think of many, many times I have gone to see live music that I left with tears in my eyes, or laughing with elation, feeling inspired, moved, and connected to other humans or to life in a deeper, clearer way. I've also felt this just sitting in my room listening to an album. You go on a journey with that artist as you get carried away in their music. It can be like a mood-altering drug, but good for you. 

Anyway, not to say that there's not plenty of ego in the music industry, and that it can be a challenge to navigate and to not buy into it, but that at the root of it, the thing we are all trying to do is move people. To touch people's souls and to share our own. Not to get applause or praise, but to feel connected and remember that we are all in this bizarre and beautiful and sometimes so very hard and sometimes absolutely perfect LIFE together. 

So thank you for being here. That's my rant for today. ;)