Telluride bliss

by Ali Sperry

It has been a heart-bursting last few days here in the mountains of Telluride. First of all, it is utterly gorgeous every single place you look. I can't take enough pictures, and the ones I take don't really capture what I'm seeing anyway. But I'll keep trying because every view looks like a postcard. Walking around this little town is so sweet too. So many happy people, just loving life and feeling glad to be exactly where they are. There's this vibe that you're just on a massive vacation with a bunch of people you don't actually know but you now feel like you know because you are living this dreamy experience together. And then as if that weren't enough already, there is freaking INCREDIBLE music happening non-stop. It's bananas. Some of my favorites so far have been Bela Fleck with the Colorado Symphony, Dave Rawlings Machine, Brandi Carlile, Andrew Bird, Tim O'Brien and Darrel Scott, Jason Isbell, ohhh sooo many. Got to see my buddy Adam Stockdale (Albatross) play yesterday too, which was wonderful, and lots of other good action at the Elks park stage. Anyway, pretty much in heaven out here and feeling very inspired to play some music this week! This tour has come together beautifully--I'm psyched that we have Adam Chaffins on board with us, and that we get to play the first few shows with my dear dear lady Megan Keely. Gonna be some sweeeet times.