It's really spring!

by Ali Sperry

It's April 13 and I'm drinking an iced latte with the windows open, listening to Jill Andrews and catching up on computer-oriented tasks, feeling deeply content. It's spring again and everyone is getting outside and happy to come out of their winter cocoons and get the sun on their skin. It's been a long and particularly wintery winter, here in Nashville and I think pretty much everywhere. It was a good season to be in the studio though and feels like rather perfect timing that this project is soon to come out of it's cocoon too. I truly love it and am very proud of what we've created. It's been an incredible team effort between Scott and Jamie and I, which is a team I am thrilled to be on. So grateful for all the work those guys have done on this and all the care they have taken with it.

Loved getting to play at the Family Wash last week. I'd never played there before but I go there frequently and it just has this special atmosphere that no other venue in this town has. It's intimate, but very casual and laid back--just a sweet spot where you run into tons of people you know and there's yummy comfort food and good beer and good music. And our show there was one of those nights where it just felt like everybody was in the mood to have a fun hang and enjoy our lives together. And that we did. 

Can't wait til the next Family Vacation show. But in the meantime, I'll be hiding out in my room getting ready for my show in Memphis at the end of the month. I'm pretty excited about it. I love nothing more than performing with my friends, but I also know that it's good for me to get comfortable being "self-sufficient" and have the option to go out and play a show all by my lonesome. 

Hope everyone out there is enjoying this sunshine. Til next time...