Under the January Moon yet again...

by Ali Sperry

This is a good month. Everybody has that first-month-of-the-year buzz about them. There's an energy and optimism that comes with the turning of the year. It's crazy how much can happen in one year--both the planned and the completely unexpected. I was just sitting here on my bed scribbling in my notebook about my plans for this year, which feels very good. And it also feels exciting to know full well that some of those plans I am hatching may end up completely changing. I'm ready for that too. I know that it's my job to set forth with intention and energy and passion, and exactly how things transpire will be a surprise. 

That being said, the plan thus far includes at least a few bigger tours, lots of shows, some festivals, releasing this EP we've been working on, releasing at least one music video, and of course, as always, more inspiration, more writing. Yes! All things I love.

This Tuesday Jamie and I are off to Memphis to meet up with Scott at Ardent studios and mix three of the tracks on the upcoming release--The Watcher, Love Runs Deep, and Coast. Even just writing this now I get butterflies about what it's going to be like to hear everything when it's all finished and to share it with people. It's going to feel pretty darn great, I reckon. 

Well, I'll leave you with that for now. Hope everyone is having a beautiful evening and still glowing with that resolution-infused January feeling.