Tidings of comfort...

by Ali Sperry

Tomorrow I'll hop on a plane and fly to Miami for Christmas. It will be a far cry from a white Christmas, but it will be sunny and warm and wonderful. 

I guess at the end of every year you have that feeling that the year flew by and you can't believe that another one has passed. I'm definitely having that feeling right now. Where it simultaneously feels like so much has transpired but also like it kind of whizzed past. What happened this year? Musically speaking, the House Concert Tour and the Quest for the West Tour were hands-down highlights. Being on tour comes with it's challenges and stresses, but overall, in my limited experience, it feels pretty magical. Getting to play music with friends and traveling and the richness and vastness of experiences that comes with that--it can't be beat. I hope to do a lot more of it this year. 

Also, writing and working toward a new release has been deeply fulfilling and exciting. After Storybook came out, it took me a while to wrap my head around how to move forward. I was (and am still) so thrilled by how that record turned out, that it almost made me afraid to start a new one in case it didn't hold up. I felt defined by the songs and sound of that album for a moment--both because I love them and am proud of them, but also because that was the only thing I'd ever released as a solo artist, so it was all I had to point to and say "this is what my music is like". I am learning constantly that my "sound" and my artistic output is ever-changing and growing as fast as I am changing and growing. And I'm learning how to embrace that, to let myself be broad and bold and try things that might be beyond what I expect of myself. My hope is that this new EP, and this new year, are an opportunity to do just that. 

Looking forward to what's around the bend...gonna be a good year, I have a hunch.

with love and thanks,