The new year is off and runnin...

by Ali Sperry

Actually to be totally frank, all that's runnin around here currently is my nose. Yes friends, I have been knocked down by the post-holiday crud, The Great Flu of 2013. But don't you worry, I will get up again! And very soon. Ready to be done with this thang!

So having spent the last few days pretty much lying in bed and taking baths, it's given me a lot of contemplation time=) Been thinking about this past year and pondering what's in store for 2013. One of the top experiences--okay, maybe THE top experience--of my life over this past year, was the act of collaborating musically with so many people whom I love and admire. In this coming year, I just want more and more of that! I've been preparing my Kickstarter campaign that will be launching soon to help fund the West Coast tour coming up this spring. I've never done a Kickstarter before and I'll admit I am a little nervous, but the excitement outweighs it and I feel confident it will be a great thing.

Feeling slightly brain-dead at the moment due to this sick state I am in, so I will keep this one brief. But in the meantime, I leave you with a question...what music have you been listening to and loving lately? Leave a comment, drop me an email, come visit on facebook and let me know. Want to hear what has been floating your boat musically speaking lately...

"Santa" (actually, okay, it was my boyfriend) was VERY kind to me this Christmas and got me this gorgeous turntable. Feeling so excited and inspired to build my record collection. Music!!!