by Ali Sperry

Feeling particularly mellow and relaxed at the moment as the year comes to a close. Holy shit, what a year it's been! Seriously, one of the biggest and best--No, I think THE biggest and best year of my 29 years of life on this planet. Completing this album, going on tour, making music with the people dearest to my heart, all of the adventures on the road and at home, wow. It really is a gift to be able to put so much time and energy into the act of creating and I feel the waves of gratitude flowing through it all. 

So at the moment, I'm breathing a deep sigh of thanks and taking it all in. The Nashville CD release show was everything I hoped and more. Just a crazy feeling to be standing up there with 9 friends and witnessing the musical genius of them all as they create magic from these songs. Can't thank you guys enough for contributing in such a profound way and making the night so special.

I've just started planning the West Coast tour that's going to be happening this spring, so if you are anywhere between Nashville and LA, you'll probably be seeing us very soon.

Meanwhile, drop a line and say hi. Let us know your favorite venues in your area that you think we should play at. Let us know if you know of any bands that you think would be a good fit for us to do shows with. Let us know what's on your Christmas list--I might not be able to help but I will happily listen!

In closing, I recommend listening to the Beach Boys Holiday and Otis Redding Holiday Pandora stations if you are in the mood for some serious holiday cheer. So good!

love and thanks and glad tidings,