The holiday season is upon us...

by Ali Sperry

It's official. The holiday season is upon us. How do I know, you may ask? Because I partook in the kickoff glass of eggnog last night, so it must be true.

Life has been particularly grand as of late. Got to play at the Blue Plate in Knoxville last weekend and my Grandpa came to the show, which just meant the world to me. I know I am biased, but he is pretty much one of the sweetest men on the planet.  It completely melted my heart to see him smiling and clapping in the audience and I am so grateful he was there. 

The very next day got to participate in an unforgettable house concert at the home of my man and my roommates-once-removed. It was one of those Nashville nights where you feel completely blown away by the fact that all of the people around you, who happen to be such good-hearted, fun, funny and kind people, are also RIDICULOUSLY talented musicians. I mean seriously, when I get the opportunity to see any one of my buddies doing their thing I am just so proud and impressed and inspired. And not only by how talented everyone is, but also by the intense shared love of music that is omnipresent. You can feel how happy everyone is to be making music and collaborating with one another. It is completely beautiful and touching. I definitely had a couple emotional moments watching my friends playing and sharing their hearts and their music--what a community! Also got to fall in love with some new music and make some new friends: the delightful Gwyneth and Monko and Eliza Rickman. Check them out.

And then as if life wasn't already filled to the brim with sweetness, this night was followed up by a two-day backpacking/camping/rock-climbing trip!!! A few highlights--arriving to our site and setting up tents in the dark, to awaken and see that we were fully surrounded by cliffs, rocks and forests on all sides. Scrumptious meals cooked over a camp stove. Four friends snuggled under a blanket gazing at stars you just don't ever see in a city. Hot-chocolate and whiskey and celebrating presidential victory. OH, and climbing up the face of a freaking rock for the first time ever! SO fun!

Enough rambling for now (two cups of coffee this morning!). I'll leave you with a quick outline of upcoming shows--

Thursday Nov 15 Black Mountain, NC (come celebrate Kai's bday with us!!!)

Friday Nov 16th Thomas, WV. Return to the Purple Fiddle!

Monday Dec 3rd, NASHVILLE CD RELEASE SHOW at The Basement

Thursday Dec 6th, Chicago, IL

Friday Dec 7th, Fairfield, IA

Saturday Dec 8th St Louis, MO

Hope to see you there!!!